Need to do ISP work internally

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In particular, what kind of stuff they use when they go PPPoE / PPPoA handle on their side, I know ISP usually in the range of IP addresses. How do they make a grant to each customer What is the technology behind it, I guess they use proprietary software, but we know what type Any references are welcome.

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Need to do ISP work internally


Here are the differences between PPPoA and PPPoE. Both are actually connection and authentication protocols used by many service providers for broadband internet access. Specifically, a lot of Local Exchange Carriers or LECs like SBC, Verizon, and Bell South utilize these protocols to handle their ADSL users. PPPoE refers to “Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet”.

It is a specification for connecting multiple computer users on an Ethernet LAN to a remote site using common CPE or Customer-premises equipment. CPE is the telephone company’s term for “modem” and other similar devices. PPPoE combines PPP or the “Point-to-Point Protocol”, normally used in dial-up connections, with the Ethernet protocol which then supports multiple users in a LAN.

PPPoA, on the other hand, refers to “Point-to-Point Protocol over ATM”. It is a layer 2 data-link protocol normally used to connect domestic broadband modems to Internet Service Providers using telephone lines. It is mostly used with DSL and DOCSIS carriers by encapsulating PPP frames in AAL5. PPPoA offers traditional PPP features like authentication, compression, and encryption.

If it’ll be used as the connection encapsulation method on an ATM-based network, it can decrease overhead a little around 0.58 percent (0.58%) when comparing to PPPoE.

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