Active Desktop Recover Error Occurred

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Today I open many WebPages. But during this process my system become slow then I press ALT+CTRL+DEL and then try to close iexplorer.exe but my system hang. Then I turn of my system and start it again this below error appear. My desktop is not proper work. All error detail is given below so that you can tell me its solution.

Internet Explorer Script Error

Line:     65

Char:    1

Error:   Object doesn’t support this property or method

Code:   0

URL:    file:///C:/Documents%20 and % 20Settings/Crussell/Application%20Data/Microsoft/Internet%


            Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?

                                    Yes      No


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Active Desktop Recover Error Occurred


Hi Bikashmohanty,

As you can see this is an Internet explorer script error. Lets follow the steps below:

  • First Disable the Active desktop. Right Click on Desktop -> properties-> Desktop->Customize Desktop->Web-> delete any webpages set as active desktop.
  • Change the background as an option to disable the Active desktop
  • Reset the internet settings to do that click on start Run-> type: inetcpl.cpl to open the internet option

once internet option is open click on Advance tab and click on Reset that will reset the settings

Hope this works out for you



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Active Desktop Recover Error Occurred


Dear Bikashmohanty,

Perhaps the content on the website is itself having technical issues otherwise you could have delete and recreate the active desktop. You can now reset your internet explorer to it's default settings this will resolve your problem. To do that please follow the following steps:

1- On your desktop click the Start button.

2- Go to Settings > Control Panel.

3- Open the Internet explorer.

4- Find the tab called Advanced, click it and choose Reset.

5- Now restart the computer.

This will fix the problem.

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