Looking for fast, cheap, reliable wireless card for desktop

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Hello.  I am looking for a wireless card for my desktop.  However, I have no inkling on which brand to buy.  I would like it to be fast and reliable but would be cheap at the same time.  Do you have any idea what I should buy?  A lot of thanks to you.

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Looking for fast, cheap, reliable wireless card for desktop

The wireless card market really has a lot of options for you to choose from. I'm won't be giving you specific brand and model to look for since the choice would depend on how much you'll willing to pay for what the adapters can do. If you'd like to get a fast wireless connection, you better get one of those Wireless N cards or Wireless N adapters. These are so far the fastest kinds of wireless cards available which has a potential of reaching over 300 Mbps of transfer speeds. It is best if your wireless card has the same brand as your wireless router as there would be some features meant to boost speed further as well as stability that only works if both are from the same manufacturer.
Thank you. Hope it helps you out with your predicament.
Clair june

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