Acer Aspire CHKDSK issue error

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate running on my Acer Aspire laptop. I have been receiving issues after reinstalling my operating system. First of all, the CHKDSK runs twice on startup. I noticed some indexes, while running check disk.

This is the exact message on step 2 of 3 while running chkdsk;

Correcting error in index $I30 for file 10173

This repeatedly appears on the same window.

My question is, if check disk is correcting this error, why am I still running it and still correcting the same index after the first chkdsk test? (CHKDSK runs twice on startup) Does it mean that chkdsk cannot correct the issue on index 10173? Is this the possible cause why my computer freezes most of the time? It's been acting real slow, since this chkdsk appears. I have to wait for a few minutes to open any application. To stop running this on startup, from my desktop, I clicked on start then run then type reedit to open the registry editor. Then select

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession Manager

to change the Boot Execute value. But it is in proper value of auto check autochk /k *. I don't know any other way to stop this from startup. But if someone can give me solution for this, I will highly appreciate. This is really annoying plus the system is not running properly. Even if I reinstall, recover or restore using the recovery and installation disk.

Please send me some help.

Thank you.

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Acer Aspire CHKDSK issue error



Due to reformatting your computer using only the QUICK FORMAT mode, sometimes you will receive that error if your previous installation needs a CHKDSK.
Using quick format only delete files in your hard disk and does not repair bad sectors. Format is completely removing files from your hard disk volume and it check errors from your hard disk and scan for bad sector and repairs it. Only use quick format if you are sure your hard disk is not damaged.
You need to reformat your computer again. When reformatting use the advance setting to properly format your partition you want the Operating System to be installed.
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Acer Aspire CHKDSK issue error


Hi linda,

I found a solution to my problem and it has been fixed. The error is due to damaged hard disk. It has sectors that chkdsk is trying to correct.  I'm sending my appreciation for your help and support.

Thanks a lot!

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