16 Core CPU on Xbox 720

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Xbox 720 is the next gaming console generation, what is the performance of this gadget? Is there a guarantee that there is no failure on the system?


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16 Core CPU on Xbox 720



Hello Todd Williams,
Indeed, a gaming system wih that number of cores is an ultimate gaming rig. The performance should be very powerful considering that the number of cores is very much enough to play modern games of today. Having a quad processor is even too much in playing a game. I mean two cores is even enough for gaming. Overall, the xbox 720 should be very powerful in performance. Well, considering it is a complex system, and a new one ofcourse, it should probably open to such hardware failures. Although we can't be sure that it is subject to such failures, it can probably like the previous models of Xbox which had hardware issues in its first debut.
However, I am pretty sure that the producers, manufacturers, and engineers, or the XBOX staff itself is doing their best to troubleshoot and test their upcoming system for any upcoming problems and issues. For now, we can assume that it still having some problems since it is still in its developing stage.
We can just hope for the best until it comes out.
Tron Len

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