Windows 95 & 3.x

Windows 95 & 3.x

How would you start installation of Windows NT from Windows 3.1x and from Windows 9x?

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My windows is windows XP, and any windows can work on any old software for older systems like windows 98

But in previous days error message say that I need windows 95 to be able to run the program so please anyone tell me what to do and how to stop this message. 

Error message:

This program requires Windows 95.

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I have my windows 95 desktop folder windows set for 'no toolbar' and 'large icons'. However when i open a folder the toolbar is always present and the icons tend to be small. Every time i change the settings to the above it keeps reverting back to the opposite. Thank you for your help, much appreciated

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 My system is installed with Windows 95 operating system. Does it  Support Internet Connection Sharing?

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My computer broke down and I am left with this very old desktop computer, so I have no choice but to use it because I badly need to finish my project. When I tried to connect my computer to the router, it said that there is no connection.

It said something about an IP error. How can I check that? Is there supposed to be an IP address already?

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 I am having a technical issue which has not been solved yet. If anyone has knowledge about Win 95 Drive Space? Then the particular person probably can fix the issue. As much as I know about Win 95 Drive Space is that it was compression software which was available in Windows 95.

Well, the issue faced by me is that I have almost 50 back-up(old)  floppy disks of my father which all appear to be compressed with this software and the  problem is that I am not been able to open or look  them for the purpose of seeing, copying, moving or to save the files on the disk now. Whenever, I try to do so a particular message appears which am I need to run Drive Space via command line to decompress the files for viewing.

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How do you remove the logon dialog in windows? Hope someone answers quick.


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In Windows XP how do I create a password recovery disk just in case of forgotten password? I just want to be safe on this before something may happen.

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