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MultiMedia Applications

MultiMedia Applications

Hello everyone!

Just some minutes ago i was playing a game on my notebook. The game refused to respond to the mouse clicks and hanged. I could not do any navigation, the game won’t exit.

I had to press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open the task manager. From there i managed to exit the game. I never notice anything strange after i closed the game. The speed, response time e.t.c was normal.

Soon afterwards, i noticed something weird with Google Talk Messenger. All the names of those who were online were appearing in Italics. This was similar to any other web page i tried to open. The text were either in italics or bold or both.

I have tried to ask around, no one has a clue. Tried search on the net, got nothing to solve my problem.

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I’ve a desktop PC. My Operating system is windows 7 -64 bit. It’s a nice operating system. Gradually its giving great performance. But there is a problem. I use many player for playing songs. There are Windows media player, Media player classic, QuickTime, Vlc player, Cyber link Power DVD player etc.

Every player runs well, But the difference when I play DVD disk with Cyber link Power DVD 7. It just happen when I start any kinds of DVD video disk. It doesn’t happen when I play another video like avi, mp4, mpg etc.

I have updated my video driver but there is no change. I’m facing this problem about two years.

For your clearance I've attached some file under below. Have a look on it.

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I just got this Sony Vegas Pro 9 last month, at first it all works fine, but it's working very slow.

One of my issues is when I closed the app normally with projects on it, everything will stop working, and the loading will stop at a specific percentage.

I tried to leave it for a while just to try if it works leaving it for a loading, but it actually didn't work. So I had to force shutdown the machine.

Also in rendering a video from veg. to .avi, it will stop in a percentage of rendering and everything froze, even in rendering it into a lower quality.

But one thing that puzzles me is that there is a time that it will work and sometimes it doesn't work?

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I have been using CorelDraw suites version 12, and have just bought a license for CorelDraw X5 Student and Home and installed it successfully. 

However, when using Windows 7 own default program changing app I try to make PhotoPaint as my default program for jpg, BMP, gif etc. I get a error panel saying:

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I have Motherboard of Intel DG41 and it consists built in graphics card which is 1024 MB. Normally when i use my default driver for those graphics adapter i got windows experience index for graphics 3.5 but when i use a latest version of this driver i got the index number 3.4. So i want to know why this happens.

My operating system is Windows Seven ultimate version, now i want to know why this happens. I expect increment in the index number but it decreases, why?

It should increase because i install latest version but why it decrease while the other numbers increase if i install latest driver. Can any one tell me about the reason of this problem?

And is there any way to solve this problem?

Please suggest some way for me.

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Hey guys,

I was watching a presentation by a presenter using Power Point with a projector. And I couldn’t help but notice that while the presentation was going on, if the operator wanted to add additional files he / she had to wait until the presenter finished the presentation and even if he / she managed to copy those files to the laptop / desktop, the projector screen would show the laptop / desktop screen to all audiences.

I have attended modern churches, where they incorporated some technology into the church. And some of the churches that I attend to be using projectors, so the congregation can see the minister and sometimes the verses of the Bibles on the huge projector screen.

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I have been searching a Free Video Converter for so long, and unluckily I haven't found yet the perfect software that has no watermark and good features on it.

Here's my journey in searching for the kind of software that I'm looking for:

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What would you do if this happens after you play some mp3's and other application that needs sound?


Error in the sound driver of DirectX


Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player cannot play the file because there is a

problem with your sound device. There may not be a sound

device installed on your computer, it may be in use by another

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My desktop is newly  installed  XP Operating system but my audio didn't work.

Can anyone suggest possibilities. where i can start checking and sorting the issue


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Hi! I was using my computer a while ago and was installing Call of Duty. While the system was copying the files, I left it for a while and when I came back, the CPU is already turned off. When I tried to turn it back on, it doesn’t respond. The only thing I get is the monitor LED light blinking. Please help! I have no idea what happened. Here are the specs of my PC:


Intel i5 760 Quad Core 2.8GHz
Inno3d Geforce GTX 460 1GB 256bit HDMI
MSI H55-GD65 mainboard
Kingston 4GB DDR3
Thermaltake V4
hec raptor 500w

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