Specialized Presentation Software like Power Point but not exactly like that

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Hey guys,

I was watching a presentation by a presenter using Power Point with a projector. And I couldn’t help but notice that while the presentation was going on, if the operator wanted to add additional files he / she had to wait until the presenter finished the presentation and even if he / she managed to copy those files to the laptop / desktop, the projector screen would show the laptop / desktop screen to all audiences.

I have attended modern churches, where they incorporated some technology into the church. And some of the churches that I attend to be using projectors, so the congregation can see the minister and sometimes the verses of the Bibles on the huge projector screen.

I actually saw an operator copying files into the laptop he’s using while the laptop was connected to the projector but all the ongoing activities on the laptop screen were not shown on the projector screen. So I think he’s using some kind of software for presentation combined with Power Point or maybe he’s using different software presentation, that has nothing to do with Power Point.

Do you guys happen to know anything about software applications that work like that ? It doesn’t have to be related to church or other religious affiliation. I planned on using it for work.



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Specialized Presentation Software like Power Point but not exactly like that


Well David, this kind of magic doesn’t happen from a software application. It is a feature from the projector itself. Most of the projects have a feature called freeze. When you press the freeze button on the remote controller of the projector, it will freeze the screen which is displaying on the projector.

Until you unfreeze it, by pressing it again, the screen will remain same. So the operator can do anything with the computer, without showing it to the viewers. But it all depends on the RAM of the projector to freeze the last shot. When you buy a projector you must remember to check whether the projector hardware supports freezing facility.

here is another way of doing this by using hardware related stuff. If you can run the projector as a secondary screen, as if they were side to side, then you can drag the PowerPoint window or whatever presentation program window to the projector and carry on working on the monitor, the first screen.

Presentation program window to the projector

But first you must configure your display to do this. This feature is called as ‘Extended Desktop’ or ‘Dual View’. Your graphic card has to support two outputs. If your hardware doesn’t support this you are a bit out of luck.

Anyway if you are using a laptop then you do not need to be worried because almost all laptops treat VGA output as a second socket, which is independent of the integrated screen. And also laptops got a key that can tell where the output must go, laptop screen or the projector screen or the boot.

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