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MultiMedia Applications

MultiMedia Applications

Hello I am a regular computer user. I need drawing software. The software should able to save drawings in various formats. I need the drawings to be saved as .jpg, .png, .gif formats. I want such software due to need of some professional works. I have digitalworkshop software but this is not able to save file as jpg format. Can anyone provide me some links to get good drawing software? Please help me by providing your value able suggestions.

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There is this video contest that I would like to join. In order to have a high quality video result, I would then need to use the best home video software that I could find. They would use the winning entry on their homepage.

Win 7 is the operating system of my pc. I saw some of the videos submitted of the contestants and I must say that a lot of them did a great job. Aside from the high quality video, their audio is very clear too. Their entries are like made by a professional.

Any suggestions are most welcome. 

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1.  I have a problem with my media player because it won’t play anything.

2.  I am using Windows 7 32bit and my media player will not play any files at all be that a video or audio. It is not something that started off from the start in fact it started a few days back.

3.  I looked up media player on Microsoft website and they only seem to have that available for windows XP users. I just need to know how to uninstall my windows media player because I can’t seem to find it in the control panel.

 Thanks in advance for any help.

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I need software which will show all the information of a media file. I have found some software but those are not working correctly. I need to know not only the file but also the folder properties. Is there any codec which have built in mediainfo? Please let me know.

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There are lots of specific player that is free from the internet but I really don't know why I love to try this InterActual Player 2.7 and I am having a problem downloading it. I would love to install and download InterActual Player 2.7 for my pc but when I go to sites, it appears to be error or down or even like an abandoned one.

Oh well I have currently installed InterActual Player 2.6 and I want to update it because I am always wanting to run the latest version. But Anyone here can help me to find where I can locate or find the best website I can download this?

I've look around and search throughout the internet but seems I really cant find it. Please help me finding the site.


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I am having serious trouble building a flash presentation. Flash, I mean really flashy, really flashy. I know some basic animation but I can feel that its really far far away from what I need. I heard that there are a lot of templates for Flash CS4, but its costly , almost too much costly.

So please help.

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I got this error upon starting my windows vista..

Adobe Flash Player 10

I choose no, then the pop up box was gone. I open my Mozilla Firefox, i save and quit from my last session so the tabs will open when i open Mozilla. when I was about to switch from other tab, it won't allow me, it froze. I waited for few seconds until  I can move my mouse pointer again. But when I was about to search something in goggle, I could not type anything. But the cursor is still blinking.

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I am trying to download Direct X 9 but I am having a error like this:


A cabinet file necessary for installation cannot be trusted. Please verify the Cryptographic Services are enabled and the cabinet file certificate is valid.

I know Direct X will improve my multimedia most especially I am more on playing games on my computer. I am using Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 2. My default browser is Internet Explorer 7. But I can change it to Google chrome or Mozilla if needed.

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I decided to download a movie my best friend keeps on telling me about. He even gave me a link in ISO hunt where to download. I am a little bit curious in the movie as well, but to my frustration, I have waited almost five hours of download, but I cannot see the video!

I can only hear the conversations. My best friend testified that he was able to successfully watch the video from the given link. There were good comments as well on the ISO hunt page.

The file extension of the movie I have downloaded is .AVI and I am using the usual Windows Media player to watch videos, so I guess this is the reason why all my .WMV files are working.

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I want to make a movie using some of my travel photography. 

I already made, but it does not shows my picture. It just  makes sound which I have edited.

I tried again by other picture. But it does not present the pictures.

Then I clean my PC with error repairing Professional.

Now it creates another trouble. I uploaded all of my picture and click to Next selecting the stuff.

It says "Windows DVD maker has stopped working and Windows is looking for a solution''. I don't know what to do.

Now I am trying to make this movie with Nero DVD maker software.

Any suggestion please?

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