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Good morning,

I am new to Linux and started using fedora 14 for some months.

Since last evening, I am getting the error that my Linux kernel got corrupted or something happened with it and I have to send report to some url.

Now I don’t know whether it is the fake message due to some virus or original message by the operating system.

The actual error is as under.

Your system had a kernel failure
There is diagnostic information available for this
failure. Do you want to submit this information to
the www.kerneloops.org website for use by the
Linux kernel developers?
kernel error

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Hi there,

I am successfully practicing Linux using a live cd of Fedora 11. After getting to know how operating Linux works, I decided to move it to hard disk, so that I can use it as a primary operating system on my personal computer. The configuration of my personal computer is INTEL Pentium iv 3.4 GHz with hyper threading technology and 1 GB of ram and 320 GB of hard disk and NVIDIA graphic card.

The installation every time begins smoothly and runs till completion of copying installation files to the hard disk. After that, I got the following error and everything goes finished without a successful installation.


An error occurred mounting device /dev/sda1 as /:mount

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Hello friends,

I want to enable desktop effects on my personal computer and that why I am trying to  run / enable compiz, but every time it gives me the error stating


Failed to start Compiz. Reverting to previous settings.

failed to start

My operating system is Linux Fedora 12.

My xorg.conf file details are as under

# nvidia-xconfig: X configuration file generated by nvidia-xconfig

# Xorg configuration created by livna-config-display

Section "ServerLayout"

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Hi guys,

I m trying to install Linux on my PC. The flavor is mandrake.

The PC configuration is Intel Pentium iv 3.2 GHz with 1 GB ram and 200 GB hard disk.

Whenever I try to install the Linux, I get the following error.

no valid devices were found on which to create new file systems.


An error has occurred – no valid devices were
found on which to create new file systems.
please check your hardware for the cause of this

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Hi all Hi all,

My operating system on my PC is Windows XP and Microsoft Virtual PC 2007. I installed Fedora 9 and when I ran the program, I got the below error message.

“Fedora 9: An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered. The virtual machine will reset now.”

Any idea what this might mean?

I tried installing Fedora 9 again. Yet this error message seems to appear. Is it the Fedora version that must be faulty? Or is my Virtual Memory playing up? How do I know for sure what the problem might be and how best do I sort this out?

When I click the reset button and run the program again. I still get this error. Should I use a newer version Fedora? Is there one existing that I can download?

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Hi experts,

I am using Ubuntu. I have connected a serial port to usb port converter to my system. Now I want to access the device. I need to have the path to that device?
How can I find out?
What more information  you need from me  to find out the solution?


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I am a user of Windows. Recently I wanted to try Linux. I have heard may things about Ubuntu and want to try it. 

But I don’t know anything about it & how to setup it up. Is it the same way I setup Windows in my PC?

Or is it something else?

Can I play all videos in Ubuntu. If yes then how?

Thanks friends.

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I am a new user of Linux Mint and Ubuntu. After using so many days I tried to settle broadband connection in Linux. But still I am in dark about the proper configuration of WiMAX internet connection. I am in big trouble now a days because its a  new place and there is no broadband service provider here. So anybody please help me to configure my WiMAX internet connection in Linux operating system.


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I am Rizwan and i am a student . I want to ask a question about the C programming in Linux.
How can i write and compile a C program in Linux?
I am searching the best answer for this question.
Please if any one have any idea, then share you solution over here.

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