I am a windows novice, its not that i am slow to learn or something but it is because i find windows too simple to use and belong to the douche. Since it autoruns everything that it detects and currently caused my computer to freeze severally, due to spam and viruses .This has made me totally divorce the windows thing and since i'm a linux professional i have decided to divorce windows operating system completely.

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I have recently upgraded my Ubuntu desktop to unity. But the look and feel in not of my type, seriously. The desktop workspace switching is, good kids eye candy but not pleasing my old eyes. How do I remove this animation and just get a simple quick switch.

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I am a Linux user, my desktop is "Ubuntu 10.04".

I have downloaded and installed, “Tropical” theme from here.

All the changes are fine, but the background and Login screen is not updated.

Any idea why? Am I missing something ?


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What are the components of a Linux system?

Very much interested to know about it.

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I don't know if I'm posting in the right area as I could not find any Linux category.  So, I guess this is the right place. I am facing problem while trying to remote desktop my windows 7 pc from my ubuntu 10.10 laptop. I can never get things full screen and can't even scroll. I've been using the remote desktop client and terminal sever client, neither doing the trick. Can anyone help?

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