Need advice about performance of LimeWire

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Which programming language is used to develop LimeWire? Which operating system is needed to set this up? What is Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) and why is it needed? How many languages are available of LimeWire? What is FrostWare and why is this needed? Is it allowed unintentional sharing of documents or applications? Is it Multi-platform Based? What is Gnutella Network? Can I chat with this, How to do that? Can I access for free software updates? Thank You

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Need advice about performance of LimeWire


Hello John!

Limewire was developed with a combination of tools. Including Java, Gnutella and BitTorrent Protocol. Limewire can be download and installed to Windows Platforms, Mac OS, Apple and Linux. Limewire supported platforms depends on its version.

Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) – this is used commonly by Apple and iTunes to send media files especially song files. This is very important to send songs to clients and at the same time stream the songs requested by client. Frostwire is also a software or application that you can use to download any file from it. This was first released in 2004.

Gnutella is a peer-to-peer network used in Limewire and Frostwire. This is used to distribute different file types locally or globally. It is not necessary to get Frostwire. Using either of the two mentioned application is still questionable. It is imposed widely that unintentional or intentional, we are not allowed to expose ay files that we don’t have any watermarking or certificate that we bought the product in legal manner. Here comes the word “Plagiarism.”

Plagiarism is considered, not just considered but a proven cyber-crime. This is a full time legalized law across any country.

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