The error stated that VI server access denied

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Hi Troubleshooters,

After the successful installation of Desktop Execution Trace toolkit version in the computer, I was stuck up with this error message. The error stated that VI server access denied. I do not more details about the error. I am very confused so please guide me. Thanks a lot.   



Sequence Editor

LabVIEW: VI Server access denied.

Error code: -18002, LabVIEW reported an error. See ‘LabVIEW:’ message for more details.

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The error stated that VI server access denied


Such VI Server error is being generated because of incorrect configurations of VI Server settings in LabVIEW.

For checking VI Server settings,

  1. Start LabVIEW.
  2. Go to Tools >> Options.
  3. Choose “VI Server” category.
  4. Check out the settings for perfection.

Here are the things that are needed to be ensured:

  • ActiveX isn’t checked off in “Protection” section.
  • From “Accessible Server Resources”,“VI properties and methods” and “Application methods and properties” are checked off.
  • “Machine access list” contains your PC.
  • “Exported VIs list” includes ‘*’ marks.
  • If user access is granted, ensure that appropriate user names are included on “User and group access list”.

After fixing these, your problem should have solved easily.

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