iPod Hardware

iPod Hardware

We all know the well known fact that Foxconn has already setup several companies for assembling Apple’s iPhones and iPads in China. But does Apple sign an agreement with Foxconn for its Innolux to manufacture components dedicated to Apple in future? Is Innolux Corp becoming a dedicated manufacturing factory for Apple?

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The Griffin Kiosk is a stand that allows you to use your iPad at a comfortable height.

Which countries does this product ship to?

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I was asking for myself what if iPod can now be a dongle like a broadband.

Is it possible to get some internet connection using an ipod to download files?

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I just bought an iPod Touch and immediately got it jailbroken. The first thing I noticed with my iPod Touch is that it displays a weird percentage in my Battery Indicator. What might have caused this problem? Anybody know what might have caused this problem?


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When I plug my ipod to charge it using the usb cable, it makes a sound that it is charging.  After a minute, I hear the sound again, and it is not charging.  After several minutes charging starts again.  This cycle repeats at uneven intervals throughout the charging time.  How can I get it to charge properly?

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I have a usual docking station. When I dock there, only the right speaker works. But all the connection pins are up and running. What could be the error?

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I have an iPod in frequent use.  Sometimes forget to charge it and it makes me feel uneasy, since I travel everyday from home to school back and fourth.

My only resort to kill the boredom of the trips I make is by listening to my iPod. Now, is it possible to charge the iPod without detecting the unit via laptop? Not disabling the USB  port of my laptop of course.


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I just updated the software on my computer and after installing the update, I got this error message about disk utility. It says that the “Disk utility has lost its connection with the Disk Management Tool and cannot continue. Please quit and relaunch Disk Utility”. I have done all the possible things, I know but still cannot do away with this error.

Help please.


Disk Utility Internal error

Disk Utility has lost its connection with the Disk Management Tool and cannot continue. Please quit and relaunch Disk Utility.


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