Can anyone tell me how to the t1 wiring from to a biscuit and then to a four-wire channel, using the regular RJ45 connector?

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I recently flashed the M10 build and re-flashed gapps from 06/06 successfully. I used the 06/06 since it worked perfectly on M9. However, when I restarted my Kindle, errors began flashing about the Google services not working. The kindle then went in to a boot loop and whenever I powered it on, the errors resurfaced. I have tried re-flashing or even clearing the cache but none would help. Any suggestions please.

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We have two Windows7 workstations that have CYGWIN installed and one Fedora 19 machine which is used as a server and it has Apache, MYSQL ,FTP and SSH server installed in it. Two days ago we have added another Windows7 workstation to our network and we have installed CYGWIN on it. But every time we try to connect to our server with our new machine via CYGWIN we get the error connection refused. Can anybody tell me how to fix it?

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I have saved mp3 files using the Mixxx audio tool in Linux saved on my USB. My computer crashed and have a new one that runs Windows. I am wondering if installing cygwin audio tools can help me play the files on my Windows PC since they are originally from Linux or do I have to install another software to do that.

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Funny windows message anyone?

This is supposed to replace the user but retain files of previous user and make those files accessible by the new user.

Now what happens is that those files are now inaccessible to the new user.

How do we take those files and make it ours?


User error – Replace user

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Dear friends,

I am made aware that FFMpeg 0.5 is a potent video tool and that it is very easy to compile it on windows platform.

However my experience has proved otherwise. I am facing issues compile FFMpeg 0.5 On Windows using MinGW.

The following error occurs 

ffmpeg.exe- Unable to Locate Component
This application has failed to start because mgwz.dll was not found. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.
Need some really good inputs to get past this issue.

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Hi guys I am being searching for the cross discover dj activation but got none reliable. Do you know one that may work?

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Hi there,

I downloaded and installed Portable Ubuntu on my system. I was able to extract the file to my desired destination.

However it is currently producing a fatal error which I am unable to interpret.

I can still use Ubuntu but there is no graphical interface

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Hi Experts,

I have two computers with almost identical configuration,both running Windows Vista Ultimate. I have installed Android ndk and have set the same configuration in both the systems. On one system,I get the error 127 while building my project with ndk-build. However the other system works absolutely fine. When I try to open arm-eabi-gcc.exe manually, I get the following error

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