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Apple Desktop

Apple Desktop

I am an Apple IOS user whenever I try to play music using Music App it shows me an error that Media file format not supported.

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Hello experts,

I did the required updates for iTunes and it was full with error so I have uninstalled the newest version and I have installed an older version 10.7. Now I have this error and is asking me to make the necessary updates. If I click Quit the iTunes is closing and in cannot open it again and skip the updates. Can anyone help me please to fix this error? What is the problem with these updates?

Thank you!

The file “iTunes Library.itl” cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes. Would you like to download iTunes now? 

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I have a problem on my Mac computer. First I cannot put any folder on the desktop and the folders that are already on the desktop, I can’t open them. When I double click I get an error as shown below.

I am new to the Mac world so any help will be appreciated.

Error image:

Error message:

“Macintosh HD:Users:trainwreckkk:Desktop:Obscurity.app:Contents:Resources:Obscurity:Obscurity”.

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I have problem regarding “hard drive dock Mac lion”. I have Sata Hard Drive Docking Station which connected with USB and on this dock Western Digital. I’ve to turn off my computer then turn it on again but still can’t detect. I’ve tried to change my USB cable but same result. What seems the problem? Is there any possibility to solve this problem?

Thank you.
Yelverton Nolan

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What will be the next strategy from desktop manufacturers to boost up their company desktop products?

I think this will be the end of desktop manufacturers.

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I have an iMac Mini lying in my closet that I don't use often so I got an Idea.

Can I use iMac mini to be either a home server?

The only advantage I know is that it consumes less than conventional desktops.

What are the things I should know before I can set it up as a Home Server?

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My iMac is completely frozen and need your help to fix it. It has got the Mac OSX Leopard system and when I press the power button it takes about 7-8 minutes to load. Though I can see all the programs but everything is hanged.

Only the mouse is working, but the keyboard is dead. I have tried to boot from CD but only can see a message ‘waiting for root device’ also tried in safe mood, but it freezes on the login screen. I can boot with Windows Live CD and checked the drive, but no error found.

I am out of option and need your help.

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