Improved Career With Social Media

Improved Career With Social Media

Nowadays, Career Path is a completely different thing.The difference is that there are more means of getting a Job now than there were in the past.The Ancient Proverb is thus real: "It is no longer about what one knows but about whom one knows”.Already when one does a count, one will find out that the number of people one knows nowadays has multiplied because of Social Media and Social Networks.

Thanks to the various equipments one can use in Social Networks, people now know more about one.For all those that are looking for a career change or a nice and good career, Social Networking makes sense.  On the internet, a blast has been started thanks to Social Networks since they assist in various means in the presentation of one’s profile that is needed for a given career.Social Networks also help in finding the right job that one needs.Thanks to Social Networks, a Company is now able to find out about one’s profile fast..

Through interactions repeated, Social Networks give the chance to a person to find out more about another person.What is interesting about Social Networks is that they give touch points which enable the understanding of a person’s personal interests, activities socially and the person’s tastes as well as finding out about the professional experiences of that person.

Whenever one does a promotion of self online, one can imagine self as a trade-mark.Meaning to ensure that one’s name is publicized persistently the right way. By making a Search on one, it is possible to see what one can discover about self on the internet. If one finds data about self, it means that an individual or company that contemplates the idea of appointing one will have a chance to locate one.One must ascertain that what these people are finding about one is representing one in the most positive way.One must also ascertain that the materials that are at one’s disposal and that of one’s Twitter and LinkedIn Accounts  are running in one’s advantage.

How to Use Twitter and LinkedIn to Promote One’s Opportunity to find a New Job:

The Use of Twitter

  1. One should Sign Up on Twitter to open an account using the same name that appears on one’s CV while introducing self as a qualified person.One will be able to use 160 characters on one’s Twitter Account which will be used as a short profile.
  2. One’s Biography on Twitter, for example, should be equal to other Social Media Profiles in LinkedIn and Facebook.One has to ascertain that one’s name is persistent everywhere.Efficient photos should be used.  One might as well use a background and in some fields, one can even use the background of that field to present a few of one’s accomplishments.
  3. Tweeting about job accomplishments, decrees and addendums to one’s work examples is also an advantage.

The Use of LinkedIn

  1. One has to develop one’s account and create an experienced profile.One should not use the Copy and Paste functions from one’s CV but, instead, insert a picture of self and include references from people in one’s field.
  2. One should extend one’s network and association by finding other people with corresponding interests.One should begin to connect self to those communities of the same industry.  One should become independent of the community and exchange ideas and feedbacks.  When one continues to provide help and assist others within the network, others will eventually become more interested in assisting one when help is needed.
  3. Acquiring knowledge from qualified professionals in one’s field is good.One should observe how these people are using their LinkedIn biography to boost their profiles and improve their names.

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