Home networking with PC/laptop and Smartphones

Home networking with PC/laptop and Smartphones

Hi All,

I am using PTCL 4 MBPS broadband DSL with the WLAN features, which enable me to connect my PC with the USB dongle, laptop with built-in WiFi, Smartphone with the WLAN integrated hardware, PSP with built-in WiFi and I have restricted my HOME networking with the MAC assigned feature of the ISP service. All the devices can be connected to the internet whenever needed and wherever in the premises.

With the 4 MBPS bandwidth the downloading and uploading is fast. I had used DIAL-UP for 8-9 years earlier and using this DSL from 4-5 years and enjoying each and every bit of the service and social networking. I have setup my computer for the family as well. Everyone uses it independently as it very well secured with the updated Anti-Virus software and ADD-ONs which tells the sites are safe to visit and blocks ADs etc.

If anyone finds it relevant please ask for the guidance. Thank you.

Asim Ali

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