Acquiring Experience in Computer Networking


Computer networking is getting to be very important in this world today.  One is able to get as many courses as possible from the internet and so one can start learning right away.  One of these courses could be, for instance, learning about how to deal with the networking of computers.  This course is even available on the internet and one can easily take this course in the comfort of one’s own home.  One might want to consider different options in terms of looking for a Certificate in a  Microsoft Course that is available on the internet.

When one gets a certification in a given skill, it is then a good proof that one does have the knowledge required to work in that particular field.  When an employer wants to hire someone or when one applies for a job as an Independent Contractor, one has to be able to show that one has the qualifications for it.  One does have two options in how one wants to learn this Course.  These two options are Distance Learning (which is a self-taught course) and the traditional course one usually takes in a classroom at school.

Usually, to start a course in computer networking, one has to have had some basic knowledge of the subject prior to taking the course.  Of course the basic knowledge is about having understood the concept of computer hardware and software.  One has to have the knowledge about everything and must demonstrate that one is able to perform and run any software that one finds.  Knowledge of the various Operating Systems available such as Windows, Macintosh or Linux is also important.

One will get to know about the various sorts of computer connections that are there as this is the way the computers network.   One should practice how to set up connections from one’s own computer from home.  The most basic is the Lan Connection and all one needs is a router and a computer.  It maybe that it is something that one must already have done at least once in one’s lifetime.  The good thing is that any device that one buys comes with all the instructions to assist someone with all the right connections.

One will have to learn about the reasons for networking with computers.  Textbooks are available and they can be purchased from online or from a library or local bookstore.  One must find those that teach how to do computer networking.  One should buy only those textbooks that the course one will take requires.  This will eventually assist one in gaining the Certifications in Microsoft MCITP.

While in class, do remember to take notes as it is the right way to understand what is being taught by the teacher.  Taking notes are important even when one is taking the course in question from Online as this will help one in one’s study.  Without notes, one will not be able to remember everything that is being taught or said during the course.  Chances are that one might end up forgetting all the important points that were taught during a course if one does not take notes.

One has to check that the Certification in MCITP Training is the course that one has to take.  When in doubt, an email should be sent to the staff or customer service of the institution where the course is being given and then make sure one checks again with the Microsoft Center where the certification is given.  One would not want to spend money on a course that will not get one to the certification one wants to have.

To know computer networking, experience has to be accrued.  With experience, one will be able to better self at one’s work.  One should take all the time it takes to volunteer if need be and one has to be prepared to begin from a low perspective.  Once more experience is gained, one has a better chance to get a better job with the knowledge one has acquired.


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