High Definition Multimedia Interface 3D HDMI and 10m HDMI Cable

High Definition Multimedia Interface 3D HDMI and 10m HDMI Cable


Today’s interactive and colorful world is all because of the entertainment that we are having on the grounds of technology & new inventions like advanced televisions, animated games, music etc.

Behind, all these entertainment & technological satisfactions there are huge aspects.

Among these aspects there is a latest technology which is recently introduced to the hungry entertainment world which is known as HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Cable which is a source of transmission of encrypted digital data. It implies for audio/video ways of entertainment.

HDMI Cables are so advanced that even every other multinational technological companies supports this like Hitachi, Philips, Panasonic etc.

Now highlighting the main aspect as HDMI Cables advanced to the level of 3D

HDMI Cables which is a bit more advanced technology focusing on the empowerment of 3D Movies & 3D Games specially. After the launch of 3D HDMI Cables users are 30% more attracted towards 3D Games & 3D movies.

These cables are user friendly and perform as a multitasked invention.

Watching movies or home cinema at a resolution of 1080p was not as much comfortable as it is after the launch of 3D HDMI Cables. People love it in spite of the fact that there are so much health concerns over 3D entertainment.       

10m HDMI Cables

10m HDMI is the advanced high speed Ethernet cable for HDMI to HDMI connections with very low resistance. It provides amazing good quality video or digital signals. The version 1.3, 1.3b, 1.3c, 1.4 are high HDMI standards featured for 3D TVs, LCDs, PLASMA and LED TVs. It ensures high speed propagation with low loss. Its 1.3 version supports resolution of up to 1080P. Its 1.4 version provides 4K x 2K resolution support. Others versions are also highly connectable and supportive.

It’s all versions compatible for connecting TVs to Satellite Receivers or vice versa. Its length not only provides a long distance connection rather also solutions in resolving all issues regarding the connections.  Both Standard and High Speed 10m cable allows fast connections to HD projectors and blue-ray players.10m Cable provide a level of long lasting guaranteed satisfactions for users and people trust it for its high band-width and display results.

The technology of HDMI also works in mobile phones like Samsung, lg, Motorola, Nokia etc which supports all kinds of playbacks. HDMI also supports or works in some tablets like BlackBerry, Motorola and Acer tabs.


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