BlackBerry Applications Related To Finance


BlackBerry Applications Related To Finance

The BlackBerry Mobile was being designed and developed by the Canadian company, “Research In Motion” (RIM), since 1999.

BlackBerry is very popular and known primarily for its ability to send and receive Internet mail where mobile network coverage is present and you can also connect through WiFi Connectivity. You can send and receive Instant messages very easily through blackberry Messenger. There are a lot of features in a BlackBerry. Here, we will discuss the features or applications related to finance.


The features and applications are given below:

1- Page Once:

Through this feature, you can track the following information:

You can monitor your credit card transactions very easily.

You can check your bank account status.

You can view your complete and detailed billing statement.

You can track your travel itineraries.

All the due dates of your upcoming bills and itineraries will be automatically added to your calendar.

This feature does not require you to enter any kind of data. This application automatically sync with all your online banking information.

This application is safe and secure. Supposing you lost your mobile phone, you can simply deactivate the BlackBerry access at profile page.

Note: Page once is now

2- Mobile Banking:

Mobile Banking is available to all Bank of America online banking users. Through this feature, you can check the balances of your account, pay utility bills, and easily transfer funds online. You can easily locate the ATM and Banking Center by using the ATM and Banking Center Locator. This is secure and safe because your personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to prevent any unauthorized access.

3- TD (Canada):

Through this application, you can easily access your Canadian TD accounts. You can also check the account balances, transfer funds, and you can find its branches and ATM locations. This application is safe and secure.

4- PayPal:

Nowadays, PayPal is very popular, and it’s the most reliable payment processor in the whole world. If you want to access your PayPal account through your mobile phone, then you can use this application. You can send money to your family and friends, your brother, or to your relatives anywhere in the world. It’s so simple and easy to use. You just have to log in to your account, enter the recipient’s phone number,e-mail address, amount, and press continue.

5- Blue:

If you want to know the prices of financial markets around the world you can use this application. This application provides you the complete information about the prices of financial markets easily.

6- OANDA Currency Converter:

You can easily convert the currency through the help of a currency converter. You can convert an amount up to 180 currencies.

7- Blackberry Wallet:

If you want to purchase online through your BlackBerry, you can use this application. Through BlackBerry Wallet, you can easily purchase anything online. The process needed is just to fill up a simple form for a few minutes.

We discussed about some features and applications of BlackBerry, but there are a lot more features and applications available for it.


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