Best 5 tools for File & Folder synchronization


Best 5 tools for File & Folder synchronization


BestSync is an expert tool for synchronizing files and folders. BestSync has a handy outline and provides subsequent features:

  • Copy opened as well as locked file, backup database etc.
  • No need to log on as well as Windows Service.
  • Live synchronization to copy files just after alter.
  • Fast copy, scan and download by various threads.
  • Secure records by compression and encryption.
  • Sustain rename while synchronizing.
  • Prevent file corruption.
  • Resume file transfer to copy large file in unsteady network.
  • Network controlling for upload and download.
  • Automatic sync or backup by scheduling.
  • Designed for Windows platform.

Pure Sync

  • Pure Sync is a top choice among users on related topics due to its reliability and stability.
  • It has a quite good set of filters.
  • It also tunes up what files are included in the job operations.
  • It creates a database before starting sync operation which lately used to mark the file collisions and spread deletions afterwards.
  • It provides a good summary of the files that are going to be copied, updated, or deleted while performing a sync job.
  • It has a good scheduler.
  • It also supports enabling automatic synchronization for storage such as removable drives.
  • It also has some particular options for repetition of photos from digital cameras.
  • It supports syncing to network locations (syncing with FTP is only supported in the paid version).


  •  It is also an expert tool for synchronizing files & folders, another solid competitor with the other one.
  • It has basic set of filters.
  • It has a very patent and revealing interface.
  • Enable support for scheduling.
  • The appetizer is very simple to recognize.
  •  File collisions and deletions are more willingly recognizable.
  • It creates a database before starting sync operation.
  • FreeFileSync is a great utility for copying files that are in use or locked.
  • It is very much well designed, helpful and handy for use.

Allway Sync

  • It is a very well rounded product with loads of features.
  • It has a very strong filter and set of rules.
  • Enable support for scheduling, auto syncing and FTP.
  • Help file provided with it is greatly informative.
  • Very clear and informative interface.
  • Specially recommended and helpful for novice user.
  • Able to detect file collisions and deletions, through choosing methods of conflicting files of which to keep and which to merge are not very clear.
  • Copying protected files is not supported for compromising integrity of data.


Syncure is a better way to remember all the event of file changes. It searches for the newest edition of a file in particular folder and keeps an image of it to another folder, and thus synchronizes them. Not like other synchronizers Syncure is equipped with a complicated algorithm that does not depend on the accurateness of CPU the clock. Syncure is designed not for backup, however it is easy to get a backup file as each corresponding folder carry a copy of another one.

  • It requires Internet Explorer to operate.
  • It is safe, fast, stable and handy.
  • Independent of system clock.
  • Automatically creates a backup image while working on a file.
  • Automated synchronization of files in selected network folders.
Regards Sharath Reddy

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