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Multimedia Tools

Multimedia tools help people a great deal in both creating and toying with photographs, audio files and video files. Most of the times though used for amusement some of these tools are especially built for professional use and cater to the small needs of people making many processes less tedious for them. Few of them are discussed here:

  • IDPhotoStudio: Designed by KC, ID Photo Studio is easy to use software used to print and resize photographs automatically to fit the ID sizes around the globe. Just a glance of its interface displays all the possible options of this software. All you need is to upload a photograph, which is then automatically adjusts the size to the space available. In case they are in the wrong position, photos can be turned by 90 degrees. It allows to duplication and then prints of dozens of images for IDs. Its version includes bug fixes, enhancements and unspecified improvements.
  • AudioGrail (K-MP3): It systemizes, renames and labels the favorite songs for you. It utilizes online catalogs to categorize and tag music stocked in your computer. It has additional features like replica fine searcher, burning tools, playlist checker, quality analyzer and generator. Its version includes bug fixes, enhancements and unspecified improvements.
  • VideoInspector: It is a software loaded with every possible tool needed while dealing with videos. This includes knowing why exactly your computer doesn’t play a file or why your file isn’t audible. It installs the necessary CoDecs for (decoder/coder software) for its finest performance. It can examine your system to know the same and process several video records and export their result in plain text archives or HTML. This program supports Matroska, AVI, MPEG I, Matroska, MPEG II, automatic recognition of codec necessities and QuickTime video archives.  It also shows audio and video data: channels, bitrates, sample rate, frame rate, resolution, computes video quality aspect and burns CDs/DVDs.
  • PhotoToFilm: This software will prove to be your best friend if you use a digital camera. It compresses your photos by using pX for easy transferring to friends and family and makes short movies from your images too. It lets you touch up your pictures with professional effects easily and turns video authoring into cake walk.
  • AVI Toolbox: AVI Toolbox is the one stop for all functions related to picture capturing, audio extraction and video splitting. Along with these it also offers burning CDs, converting DVDs, international support. It makes all video operations child’s play with its feature which translates for 10+ languages. Its version fixes bugs too.
  • Vampix: It’s a lone-function program and comes to use when you want to tone your pictures in two colors keeping the rest in shades of black and white. Since its controls are minimized, trial and error method can get you want you want or something similar to it. For someone who needs these effects without getting much into graphic editor, Vampix will work just fine. It might confuse you a tad with documentation and the relationship and nomenclature between its controls.
Regards Sharath Reddy

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