Zorba NoSQL Windows Installation (xampp) error

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Hi folks,

I successfully uninstalled the old Zobra 2.8.0 version from the computer and then I tried to install the latest version 2.9.1. I have windows operating system and I have ZAMPP too. I got this error message when I try to load the PHP extension to the folder. What might be the problem? Am I going wrong anywhere? Please help.


PHP Startup: zorba_api: Unable to initialize module

Module compiled with module API= 20090626

PHP compiled with module API= 20100525

These options need to match


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Zorba NoSQL Windows Installation (xampp) error


Try enabling the Zorba extension in PHP. To do this, copy the Zorba extension file “zorba_api.dll” into your PHP extensions folder. Click Start, Search, and then search your computer for “zorba_api.dll”. Once found, copy the file to your PHP extension folder probably something like “C:phpext”. Next, modify the “php.ini” file and then add the following line:

  • extension=zorba_api.dll

Use Notepad to open “php.ini” or any text editor application. After adding the line, save the file and close it. Open Windows Explorer and go to the Zorba directory. Find the following files: XQueryProcessor.php and zorba_api_wrapper.php. Copy these files into your include directory where PHP can find it. If you don’t know where to find the include folder, it is set in the “php.ini” file with the name: include_path, i.e. ; Windows: "path1;path2" include_path = ".;C:phpinclude".

Refresh your web browser with previous info file “http://localhost/info.php”. Finally, verify if “zorba_api” is in the list of known PHP extensions.

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