Receiving error message when trying to debug RDK-S2E application- please help!

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I am getting an error message as I try to debug the RDK-S2E application. I am using CC 5.1.1 and the BlackHawk USB-100v2-ARM emulator. I did not try any modifications of the applications that came with the SDK. I'm just trying to do some basic tasks. Blackhawk shows the problem is at a TI end as their "test connection" diags pass.

CORTEX_M3_0: GEL Output:Memory Map Initialization Complete

CORTEX_M3_0: GEL Output: Watchdog Timer Enabled

CORTEX_M3_0: GEL Output: UARTs Enabled

CORTEX_M3_0: Can't Run Target CPU: (Error -1268 @ 0x1090001) Device is locked up in Hard Fault or in NMI. Reset the device, and retry the operation. If error persists, confirm configuration, power-cycle the board, and/or try more reliable JTAG settings (e.g. lower TCLK). (Emulation package 5.0.569.0)

Please give some help for this.

Thank you.

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Receiving error message when trying to debug RDK-S2E application- please help!


When you start debugging, have you notice any sort of lag or PC slowing down? Because this can be happening due to low RAM or huge PC usage while the simulator is running.

  1. Open up the task manager and look at the CPU usage.
  2. If it is above 70 then you need to kill a few processes.
  3. Same goes for the RAM, if the usage is above 70, then kill those processes who are consuming the RAM.
  4. You can also close few programs by going to start and then in search or in run type MSCONFIG.
  5. In the next opened window, uncheck any unnecessary application that you think of. Apply and restart the computer.
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Receiving error message when trying to debug RDK-S2E application- please help!


These are the steps that you need to follow for  Serial to Ethernet Kit:
1) At first you should boot_eth CCS project from C:/Stellarisware/boards/rdk-s2e/boot_eth

2) Make sure you get the CCS that looks like as the target figure.


3) After that you need to check and finally provide the USB power for the Blackhawk XDS100v2 Emulator as well as to the RDK-S2E.
4) Then after that, click the debug option.

Note after that: then check as well as make sure, you do have the latest XDS100v2 drivers. Check for the Blackhawk drivers. For that click on Help -> Check for Updates. You will then finally check for all kind of updates on the screen.

You then need to check while connecting an Ethernet cable and then provide the power to the RDK-S2E. You need to provide the lights on the Ethernet connector and check whether it is turned on? You will also require checking whether you have done a bootloader update using the LM Flash Programmer tool? You also need to check that which CCS project are you downloading to the board? You need to look at the update of the Blackhawk XDS100v2 emulator that you are using? Check for these all and then you will find that your problem is solved.

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