You Know How Do I Open A Zip File On A Mac

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Hi. How do I open a zip file on a Mac? What steps need to be followed to open a zip file in Mac? Please help me with the same? Thanks in advance.

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You Know How Do I Open A Zip File On A Mac


Hi. The steps to follow so as to know how do I open a zip file on a Mac are as follows-

1) On Mac, open the zip file and right-click on it. Then, click on open-with from the options and select the archive utility option. Then, to open the file with archive utility, double-click on the zip file.

2) From the Finder menu click on go option. Then select the utility option. To launch Apple’s emulator, double-click on terminal

3) Type the command prompt and type cd. Then, in the emulator window, drag the file which consists of the zip file and click on enter.

4) The directory of the terminal is then changed to the folder comprising the zip file

5) Drag the zip file from the folder to the terminal window.

6) Click on enter

7) Write the password in the command prompt.

Hope we helped.

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