Yahoo Messenger: Run-time error 76

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Hey TechyV people!

I encountered this error in Yahoo Messenger today.

Can anyone please explain what "path" the message is talking about? Also on what to do to solve it?

Thanks for all the expert advice!

Yahoo! Messanger

Run-time error ‘76’

Path not found

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Yahoo Messenger: Run-time error 76


It’s a windows error that pop up if there is something wrong to the application like yahoo messenger , Microsoft outlook, etc.  Some of the reasons why it prompts you are.
Missing file of the application- Try to uninstall and install again yahoo messenger, its better way and easy way to install missing file than to find Google what’s missing to your application and you install it manually.
Registry error- use registry cleaner to clean your registry. It will help your computer to function smoothly. You can search Google for free registry cleaner.
Software conflict- Make sure that you have updated drivers, install the latest updates to your software.
Computer virus- scan your system, sometimes it could be a virus why this error occurred. always update your anti virus of firewall.

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Yahoo Messenger: Run-time error 76


Path on the error message means is the location where your yahoo messenger was installed or the actual executable of yahoo messenger application is missing.

Path not found error message happens when the file being executed is missing. Reason for this is you might be accidentally deleted the application or you have created a shortcut in your desktop or anywhere in your start menu, task bar or drives, then you have un-installed the application.

Basically, the file could not be found anymore so nothing to execute that is why your operating system reported an error message saying the path was not found. Accidentally deletion of the executable file is possible for these reasons.

Re-install your yahoo messenger to solve this problem.

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Yahoo Messenger: Run-time error 76


In programs, you may receive a “runtime error” when a fault in the program happens. When I create a BASIC program before, I encounter this error a lot during program testing. The usual cause of a runtime error is in the programming meaning there is something wrong in the way the program is coded. But this is not only the cause of the error.

Because applications perform a call function, this most of the time requires reading a certain file which is part of the program and if that file is missing or corrupt, it can trigger a runtime error. And since your Yahoo Messenger fires up a “Path not found” error together with the runtime error, it seems a missing or corrupt component is the cause.

To fix the problem, try reinstalling Yahoo Messenger or update it to the latest version. Go to Yahoo Messenger and download the latest desktop application. The latest Yahoo Messenger supports Windows 7, Windows 8.x, and Windows 10. You can also access the web app from Yahoo Messenger Web App.

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