Wireshark out of memory error occur

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Hi experts,

After successful installation when I try to open the Wireshark for the first time, I ended up with an error message. The error message states that there is out of memory and it terminates the program all of a sudden. How do I fix the problem? Do I need to reinstall the software again? Please suggest me some solutions. Thanks.



Out Of Memory

Sorry but Wireshark has not terminate now!

Some infos / workarounds can be found at:




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Wireshark out of memory error occur


Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer. The error "Out Of Memory" you're receiving is due to Wireshark requiring a lot of both physical (RAM) and virtual (pagefile) memory for its operation. The recommended amount of memory you should have for Wireshark is about 10 times the size of the packages being inspected. The problem with this is that, if you run Wireshark on Windows XP, which is 32-bit and cannot use more than 3.5 GB of RAM, you will quickly run into "Out of Memory" error.

A workaround for this error is to "Use multiple files" setting in the capture options or the editcap command line tool.

If you can't increase your RAM size significantly, then avoid letting Wireshark run for too long or analyze too large packages (following the guidelines on required memory above).

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