Wireless network disconnected when someone call me.

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Hi everybody,

I am using ADSL connection with windows XP. I am using it with a D-Link router. While, someone calls to my phone then my network will get suspend.

Can anybody tell me, how do I fix this problem?


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Wireless network disconnected when someone call me.


It sounds like you are using a USB broadband modem when going online. This is also my problem before when I connect my computer to the internet using my Huawei 3G mobile broadband USB stick with my SIM inserted to it then somebody makes a call on my number.

This situation is really irritating because the connection cuts off immediately after ringing my number.

But I manage to find a way on how to make this to stop. Before inserting the SIM to the USB broadband modem, I first divert all voice calls to a certain number that is already unreachable and sometimes to a dead number.

I do this using my cell phone and do all the divert procedures there. When this is done, my SIM will no longer receive any voice calls while I’m using it on my modem.

Try following these steps also and see if this can help in fixing your problem.

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