Wireless Connection Strength Mbps Varies

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On my Desktop Wireless connection I have a USB Netgear wg111v2. My problem is the connection varies. The Mbps # goes up and down.

Also, slowing or losing internet connection. I am only 10 feet from the router.

Waiting for the solutions.

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Wireless Connection Strength Mbps Varies



The problems you are facing have too many solutions for it just try them. Place your WiFi router in an open place and move or adjust antenna for better signals because if the signal get low obviously the speed will also vary. In browsing you will face corrupted data or try again.

Adjust the antenna no matter how far you are and start checking signal bars. 2ND possibility might be that when you are using the internet may be someone access from neighbors through WiFi to your internet. That means too much computer login at one time also makes the slow internet. So a password setup will help you to block those outsiders connections. Or you can say that might be that at one time 2 or 3 computers connected from your home. That's also the reason to slow down your internet.

One solution is to check out your router setting and your desktop setting. For this setting just call your service provider. They can do better. Or the big issue is frequency. The router uses the frequency which varies with cordless phone, Bluetooth of your mobile and microwave ovens. So it’s also a big problem makes sure keeping it away from these things. Try to change your frequency of router and then on the desktop also that it don't get vary with these things.

The connection showing Mbps up and down also means that at what speed it is connected at the time. These are the solutions. So try these all and I hope it will solve your issue.

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Wireless Connection Strength Mbps Varies



There are many reasons existing for your wireless connection problem which is causing its speed slow. The main cause is for the frequency. The frequency cannot pass hard substance. Also the frequency goes into a straight line and if this connection becomes affected, this problem also happens. This frequency becomes changed from closed windows, fortification, decoration stuff, mobile, metal substances etc. These things take part in blocking the frequency and decrease its strength and speed. Also the server distance is a fact. If the distance is too far, the frequency becomes lower in the middle way.
You should try some things to solve your problem.
• You should try to get the closet server’s router in order to get a faster speed to save the frequency power.
• You also can reboot the router.
• You should restart your computer. It helps to restart all applications including the windows. When the router driver loads, it gets another line which may be faster than before.
• You have to be sure that your computer is connected with the SSID correctly. And also you need to be sure that your SSID connection is to the right address.
• Also be sure that you have entered the right security key (if it was enabled).
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Wireless Connection Strength Mbps Varies


Hi Anonymous,

I was experience that even though I’m just 5 feet away from our router. Try to check your main signal, try to check the adaptor for the router push it and also check the cable wire for the internet connection where you attach on your cable port at the back of your CPU. Then try to check it again.

The main reason of low signal sometimes have a bad weather it can also affect the signal of the internet wither it has a typhoon or not. Then try to put some password of your WIFI connection maybe others using or entering your WIFI connection that the also a reason why your signal is off and on you must change your password everyday or every week to avoid log connection because of your neighborhood they using WIFI connection.

I hope it will help you. Thank you so much.

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