Fifa 11 error while playing

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Hello all,

I played FIFA 11 one month ago it worked now when i played it is showing error e0001 what can i do please help

Thanks in advance

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Fifa 11 error while playing



You could try to solve this problem in few ways:

  1. You could try to update or reinstall your Graphics Card Drivers.
  2. If first way does not help, than you can try to change resolution. Try to play it on 1280*1024.
  3. If nothing of that help you, there is a possibility that your Graphics Card is too weak.
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Fifa 11 error while playing


Hi there,


This error is related to your Video card

The Video card setting might have been changed, as Fifa 11 requires a shader model 3

So, you may try this.

1- Try to adjust the Video card setting to meet Fifa 11 requirements

2- Try to upgrade your Video card driver

3- Try to change the screen resolution to 1280×1024

4- Buy a better Video card


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Fifa 11 error while playing



Actually this error mostly occurs when there is a problem with your graphic card not supporting Shaders Model 3.0 (pixel shaders used for your game graphics). So there are a variety of solutions for you:

Note: you have not provided us with any information regarding your PC configuration, it could help.

1. Check your graphic card model and see if it supports Shader Model 3.0.

1.1. If not, you should update your graphic card driver.

1.2. If there is no update available for your graphic card regarding the mentioned shaders it would be probably the best for you to upgrade your graphic card hardware and buy a new one (not good news, but you should if does not support the shaders).

2. You could download the Swiftshader, which improves your shaders using your DirectX9 mostly. It has solved some users’ problems, but not verified yet.

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