What is cell locking on the Google’s spread sheet app

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I really don't understand the feature of cell locking. Isn't that the same as protect date. IF so didn't it already have it. 

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What is cell locking on the Google’s spread sheet app


Dear Richard,

Cell lock is a feature Google has recently introduced in order to help protect specific data on the spreadsheets that we share with others.

The name of the feature you mention is Protected Ranges and it uses another feature called Name Ranges. Once you give a cell block a Name you can then add that named block to a protected range of cell blocks that aren't editable to other users that have access to your spreadsheet.

The main difference between this new feature and the other that you mention, the one that's called Protect Sheet, is just this. This new feature lets you lock from editing only certain cells from a sheet while the other older one locks the whole sheet from editing. This way, for example, you can lock a certain column with a desired function and let other users fill in the blocks used by that function and not worry about them editing your function cells.

I hope i have made myself helpful.

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