Windows XP Operating System crashed

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For overclock my PIIx4 3.4 GHz I use AMD Overdrive that increments 100 Hz to 4 GHz. My computer crushed after reaching to 4 GHz and I got this error message “push button to boot from CD line” just after trying to restart.

Then I reset the CMOS, but it made a noise before giving me the same error. I made a swap of HD with one from another computer, it also took me away from the error but it caused a quick flush of blue screen and then restarted the computer with a "reboot with last known good configuration" option.

The safe mode recovered my Users screen and mouse and keyboard was not recognized then. I am in a doubt so I can’t take any attempt to get rid of it.

Help me. Thanks.

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Windows XP Operating System crashed


Overclocking a processor is not really recommended. Aside from the fact that it will void your processor’s warranty, the processor might totally crash and not function at all. And of course, if you don’t use proper cooling system, even if you are successful in overclocking it, it will still shorten the life span of the hardware.

But there are others that were successful in overclocking their CPU. But I’m sure they take all the precautionary measures before doing the procedure in overclocking the processor.

It is really possible to have a data loss as a result of overclocking. Since the processor is not functioning properly because of overclocking, it can damage the hard drive structures. That’s why you encountered a lot of unusual problems in your machine like the quick flushing of the blue screen and some of your hardware devices were not already recognized.

I’m not sure if at this state of your processor formatting your hard drive and reinstalling Windows would solve the problem. But it’s worth trying than to leave it like that. Next time you plan another overclocking, read more information first before doing the procedure.

Search the web for the proper procedure on how to properly overclock the processor. The additional hardware needed for the procedure and other information.

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