Windows XP full screen error

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Hello people,

I have windows XP OS installed on my machine with SP 3.

When I try to load the game I get the following error message on my screen:

requires min. DirectX 9.0c version and the latest graphic card d…

Full Screen Error!!!

If anybody has any idea how to fix it up, please let me know. I'll be really very grateful for your help. Waiting for your helpful solutions.

Thanks a lot.


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Windows XP full screen error



The game you are trying to run is not compatible with your present graphic drivers. You need to download the latest version of the driver in order to run the game. Download DirectX9.0c from the below link.

Install it and it should solve your problem. Select your operating system while downloading DirectX.

Thank you.


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Windows XP full screen error

1. Try Pressing ALT+ENTER at the same time while the game is running. 
It is a Windows key command to Maximize the game video. This is the simplest solution.
2. Try Altering the command line switch in the application shortcut to specify windowed mode. 
Right click on the shortcut of the file and go to properties.
Go to the box that says “target.” It’ll look something like: “C:Program FilesWarcraft IIIFrozen Throne.exe”. Add the switch “-window” to end of the command. For instance, in the above example, it’ll then look like this: “C:Program FilesWarcraft IIIFrozen Throne.exe” -window
If adding “-window” doesn’t work, try adding just “-w”. (This works for some Sims games, like Sims2.)
If neither of those work, check the user manual to see if there is another switch that does work.
3. try to use the DXWNnd. it's a program intercepts DirectX application and force them to run in windowed mode. The colors don't always render properly. But you can still try. For this Method., do the following:
1. Download and save dxwnd.exe
2. Right click the dxwnd’s window pane
3. Select “Add”
4. Use the “…” button to browse for your full screened executable
5. Select the DirectX version of your executable if it’s known, if not, leave it set to “Automatic”
6. If your executable runs in 256 (8-bit) colored mode, check the “Emulate 256 Color Palette” check box
7. Click “OK”
8. After doing the steps you now have entry for your executable, double click it to run the game application. What’s neat is as long as dxwnd is running, it will intercept the launching of the application itself, so it’s not necessary to use dxwnd to start your game/application
This is an old tool, there is no guarantee it will work.
4. Try to use "Sizer". It will let you automatically re-size your window
it is a freeware application.
 *Download and install Sizer. 
 *Run the program you want to resize. Hit ALT-TAB to show the Windows Start Bar. Right click on the Application and choose the desired size.
5. Virtualization Method: If the other option will not work and you still want to run your application in full screen,consider setting up a Virtual PC and running the application within it. To do this, you’ll need to download virtualization software like Sun’s Virtual Box, set up a virtual PC running Windows (Or OSX, whatever your poison :), then install the software into that virtual machine. This is the most complicated method and may not be for every user. But it's worth it.
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Windows XP full screen error


Hi Dear,

It seems that you have a graphics card installed that supports this game.

High resolution is required for many games like this, so to play this game, you have to get a high resolution supported VGA or AGP Card.

You are using Direct x 9.0 and the game supports high resolution screen mode, but your graphics card does not support high resolution, so this error is popping up and bothering you.

I hope I have answered your question. Thanks.

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