Distinction and similarities of Windows XP and Windows 7

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What features distinguishes Windows XP from Window 7 and what are some of the similarities they both share in common?

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Distinction and similarities of Windows XP and Windows 7


Differences between Windows XP and Windows 7:

1) Firewall:

Windows XP can protect against incoming  threats only.
Windows 7 filtering platform allows third_party vendors turn parts of window fire wall off and on to play well with other security applications.

2) Search:

Windows XP  has searching indexing option unavailable so your searches can be slow. Windows 7  allows index searching across multiple worked PCs.

3) Sidebar:

Windows XP  does not have sidebar application. Windows 7 the sidebar is banished, user can place the gadgets any where on the desktop.

4) Multimedia:

Windows XP  a special media center edition ships on qualified system. Windows 7 a revamped windows media center will support  DNLA  compatibility networked home devices.

5) Touch:

Windows XP  touch features are integrated only into the special tablet PC edition. Windows 7  multi touch  support for image zoom and drawing and the start menu, taskbar and windows explorer are optimized for touch screens.

Multi tasking,  ease in web browsing  and  chat and share with free photo,email and IM programs are some of the similar features of windows XP and windows 7.

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Distinction and similarities of Windows XP and Windows 7


There are others who shifted from Windows XP to Windows 7 skipping Windows Vista in the journey. If you are one of these users then I’m sure you got surprised in its major shift in terms of usability, convenience, and overall computing. Here are a couple of differences between Windows XP and Windows 7:

  • No more email client – the all loved Outlook Express which was already popular since Windows 95 has been removed when Windows Vista came. It was replaced by Windows Mail. Microsoft Windows doesn’t ship any more with an email client and you need to purchase a separate email client like Microsoft Office Outlook or use an open-source such as Thunderbird.
  • Choose between 32-bit and 64-bit – when Windows XP is still popular before and I’m sure is still now, its 64-bit version is somewhat like invisible and most users are enjoying using the 32-bit version. When a user decides on upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, he or she needs to choose whether to install the 32-bit [x86] version or the 64-bit [x64] version. Your decision will surely depend on your computer’s hardware specifications.
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Distinction and similarities of Windows XP and Windows 7


Paul Mac and Sharath Reddy, both of your solutions were particularly different for carrying different kinds of information about my question, which were good and essential for me as a new learner. Both of your solutions charmed me so thanks guys. Paul Mac, you mentioned the difference between Windows 7 and Windows XP which were very reliable as well Sharath, you provided user decisions on upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, this information called the attention of me which was extremely new news for me, although I saw many of my friends do this but I couldn’t realize. All your comments are very informative. You are so very genius guys.

Now I know the difference between Windows XP and Windows 7. Thanks guys for your open minded discussion, which helps me to come up a sure decision to use and Techyv withal.

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