Microsoft Word Error There Is Not Enough Memory To Complete

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I was using Microsoft Word an older version but suddenly an error showed up saying “There is not enough memory”. Looking for instructions to fix the problem. Hope you can resolve the issue. Thanks!

Microsoft Word

There is not enough memory to complete

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Microsoft Word Error There Is Not Enough Memory To Complete


Your image shows too many instances of Microsoft Office Word are running as what your Windows taskbar shows. If you open more than one instance of the application, it consumes more memory. If you open too many instances of the program than what your computer can support, you will get a “not enough memory” error.

The solution is to simply close the remaining instances of the program to free up some memory. Also remember, when many applications are running simultaneously, it reduces the available memory of the computer. And the less memory you have, the slower your machine will perform.

If it is not necessary to open multiple instances of the same application, don’t open another instance or close the other instances to save memory and perform faster.

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