Windows Media player error after OS update

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I formatted my computer and removed Windows XP and installed Windows 8. After that I could not play most of my media files and Windows Media Player gives me an error.

Is this problem unique to me? Any suggestions?

Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The file may be formatted with an unsupported codec, or the internet security setting on your computer is set too high. Lower your browser’s security settings, and then try again.

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Windows Media player error after OS update


First check if the files you are trying to play are supported by Media Player (the list of supported file types is under Supported File Types).

This error occurs when the required codec for the file is missing.

Usually the Media Player downloads necessary codecs automatically but when this error occurs, it's probably because a codec for the files you want to play was not available or could not be downloaded due to excessive Internet security. Try adjusting your Internet settings to allow codecs to be downloaded or download a codec pack yourself, for example from



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