License Problem with MatchMover 2012

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I need to upgrade MatchMover 2012 from my old MatchMover 2011 due to some crashes.

But I have been trying to make it work in the 32-bit version but always have a problem with licensing.

I already tried searching in Autodesk forums for the same issue, but I could not find appropriate solutions.

I heard from a tech here that I should look first for the environment variables, but I could not consult him about it, or he will charge me for the consultation.

How can I fix it guys?

Thanks for any help.

MatchMover 2012 – License Problem

License was not obtained

Tried ADLM 2011 (128D1 2012.0.0.F), error 43

License method:

Environment variable MAYA_LICENSE_METHOD=’standalone’

Product choice:

Environment variable MAYA_LICENSE=’adlm-128d1-2012.0.0.f’

License file override:

Environment variable MAYA_ALT_EN is not set

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License Problem with MatchMover 2012


Yes, you’re right. You need to set the environment variables for MatchMover 2012.

This will tell the application which license to use.

I’m not that familiar with different operating system versions and I think you are not using a Windows OS just by looking at the image you attached.

Just try to figure out how you would do it in your operating system.

Here is how it is done in Windows XP.

This procedure will set the environment variable for MatchMover 2012:

  • Right-click My Computer then select Properties.
  • Click Advanced tab.
  • Click Environment Variables.
  • Under System variables, click New.


  • In Variable name, type ADSK_MATCHMOVER_LICENSE. In Variable value, enter Maya then click OK all through out.


There are 3 possible values that can be entered in Variable value:

  1. Softimage
  2. 3dsMax
  3. Maya

These values are case-sensitive.

When entering these values in the field, follow the exact casing above.

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