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Windows 8.1 does not support Office 2003

Office is not supported in Windows 8.1? is this true

If true then what are the other ways to achieve this?

If possible then why do my Outlook mails stop now and then while receiving.

I have this issue after getting the Windows 8.1

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Office 2003 is a very old version, of course. So it is not compatible with Windows 8.1. As it is a much upgraded Windows, it doesn’t support such old versions.

If you determine to use it, you should downgrade to Windows 7 or XP. Also, if you like, you should upgrade to Office 2007 or later edition because Office 2003 lacks of many helpful functions.

The issue of your Outlook is also for this compatibility issue. Either downgrade your OS or upgrade to later Office versions.

Ruby Islam

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Microsoft Office 2003 suites and applications are not compatible with Windows 8.

We recommend you check the version of Microsoft Office installed on your PC before you upgrade to Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro. If you have a Microsoft Office 2003 suite or application on your PC, you will have problems running it on Windows 8. We recommend you upgrade Office to a newer version that is compatible with Windows 8. All you need to use a upgrade version of Microsoft Office and always try to use upgraded version of any software.