How to use User Account picture

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Hello experts!

I would like to know how to change the picture to log in on my computer. My cousin's computer has her and her boyfriend's picture when she logs into her computer. She wouldn't teach me how doing it. I want my dog's picture and mine on the login on the computer.
How do I do that? Do I need to be the administrator to do that?
I have a laptop where a wireless connection system is activated. We are some friends living in a building where every friend has a personal laptop. We want to communicate with each other by using net meeting. But we cannot configure net meeting. Please help us.
What is the process that we can configure our net meeting?
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How to use User Account picture

Change login picture in Windows 7, is a quite easy job. First you need to download the registry file here. Then extract the zip file and double click on it.
Another method is to right click and select merge option. Now go through this path C:WindowsSystem32oobe. Here create a new folder here named info and create another folder named backgrounds. Copy an image named background Default.jpg.
Here you can use many pictures for many regulation of a monitor. Then restart your computer and see what happens. Your boot screen will change accurately into the image you selected. In this process you can use any images.
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How to use User Account picture

Good Day Joy,
Your question is quite interesting. In order to change your log in the picture, I am adding some pictures with the answer. Although I am using Windows XP, you might be using Windows 7 or Vista, but the procedure is almost the same. The steps are as under:
  • Go to your control panel;
  • Then go to your user accounts and click it;
  • Then go to your account, whatever the name of your account is;
  • Then go to “change my picture” and open it;
  • Browse and locate the picture of your Dog and select it;
  • Press ok and you will see your picture changed when you will log in next time.
Thank you.
Administrator-control panel
Control panel-user account
User account-administrator
Administrator-change my picture
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