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I am using Windows 7. Now I want to play some video files in media player classic but when I insert any Video then I receive below error. I insert lot of files such as WMV, AVI, MP4, 3GP but it is not working.

All error detail is given below so that you can understand original problem.

         Get adapter Display Mode failed DX9Allocator Presenter failed


Anyone knows how can solve this problem?

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 The error you got means that your video card adapter has an invalid driver or is only using the generic drivers for VGA. You would need to visit support site for the video card you have or the motherboard support site if you are using the onboard / integrated video adapter built-in on the motherboard. Make sure you are downloading the updated drivers for Windows 7 Operating system. If Windows 7 drivers are not available yet, you may use the Windows Vista drivers.

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The probable cause of your problem may not be the Media Player you are currently using but the driver of your Video Card used. If you failed to install the driver directly from the CD included install it now for without them it will not function correctly. If you have installed it and this problem persists, visit the website of your Video Card and download the corresponding driver for your Video Card. If this problem occurred after installing the driver from the CD, you should perform a clean sweep for the current driver existed in your system by un - installing the current driver and install your newly downloaded driver after your computer restarted.