Error message starting up AutoCAD

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Hi everyone,

The last couple of times I’ve tried starting up AutoCAD I get this error message:

AutoCAD Error Aborting

FATAL ERROR: Out of memory – shutting down


I have already tried rebooting and nothing changed, and I’ve also searched the Knowledge Base and some IT forums but still no luck.

If you have any better idea on how to resolve this or at least where to look for the solution give me some details.

Thank you.

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Error message starting up AutoCAD


Hi Megan K,

Before you search for the solution you have to know first what had caused it.  Sometimes, we blame the AutoCAD but actually its not always an AutoCad's problem.  There are many things that caused it, so you have to remove the problems that caused it.

Think first of all the possibilities which affects the AutoCAD. As if you are doing some TRIAL and ERROR.  

  •      Be specific
  1. Is it the computer itself?
  2. the document itself? or
  3. Human error?
We have to remember that sometimes people who are using the AutoCAD might have had caused it.  If it's a machine error or the computer itself  try using your document or file to another machine or computer  then if it happens again, try to use again another template or start your document from scratch and see if still occur.
  • Next problem, maybe is because of antivirus or spyware application,or maybe even the virus. If this happens after installing the software it might be the cause.
  • Another thing might have had caused it is the hardware problem. By adding another  physical RAM to your computer it might affect the performance of it.  For example you put or create a drawing on it…. the drawing might gets larger and your application will be damaged. All you have to do is remove the physical RAM that you added.

Hope this will help you.



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