Why My DVD ROM behave Mysteriously??

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Well I have a DVD drive which is capable of writing. Its model is Samsung 16X. DVD drive and Writer. It sometimes does not open when I pressed the eject button or when I command it to eject from the system. And more over, sometimes it can't read the DVD, though I give it almost a new DVD to play. It only makes sounds but does not show anything in the screen. And another thing, sometimes it can read DVD but can't copy the files in the DVD.

I want to know what is the probable cause of these problems. Why does this occur? Is the DVD drive gone? or is it something else?

Is there any way to fix it? Or should I buy a new DVD drive for my PC??

Please explain those problems so I can take a proper decision to replace or fix my DVD drive.

I need a quick answer. Please respond as soon as possible.

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Why My DVD ROM behave Mysteriously??


Hello Nelson,

I hope you are in good health.

First thing you can do is to restart your computer. That will help you open your DVD ROM.

There are a few reasons why your DVD ROM would not open. There are some programs which restrict and do not allow opening it while they are running. Suppose when you are writing on a disk. If you press eject button on your DVD ROM or click the eject option from your DVD ROM drive, it will not open. There are a few music and video players which do not allow ejecting CD or DVD unless you stop playing that music or video that you are running. There are also many applications which do not allow you to eject a DVD ROM at the time that they are running. You should close that kind of application, and that's the only when you can open your DVD ROM.

You should check if the DVD writer driver is installed or not. If it is not, reinstall the software. This can help you to open the ROM’s tray properly when you wish to.

As you have mentioned your DVD ROM is new. If you still have the DVD ROM’s warranty, then please go to your manufacturer’s service Centre to check up your DVD ROM if it is faulty or not. You have to make sure of that. You can replace your ROM’s ejecting mechanism belt. It may do the trick. This is what I am going to suggest you, this is for your old DVD ROM. I won't suggest you to use an ultimate eject for a new one. I mean, insert a pin under the tray of DVD ROM when it is not ejecting, after pressing eject button or right clicking to choose eject option.

This process is kept when your DVD ROM becomes old and its parts which support ejection mechanism are not working properly. This is not the actual way to open your DVD ROM that I would recommend. Though your DVD ROM is new, I guess your DVD ROM’s ejecting parts are faulty. I would also suggest you to keep any CD or DVD disk in your ROM, if you do this it will protect your ROM’s lens from dust.

If your DVD ROM is not reading a CD or DVD, first, please check the CD or DVD. Are their conditions good? Check for scratches, if there are any. If your CD or DVD is faulty, the ROM won't be able to read it. A CD or DVD is divided into tracks and sectors. When you insert a CD or DVD to your ROM, it starts reading. It keeps on reading and reading when it reaches to a faulty sector that may be due to scratches. If you click eject option at that time, it will not open. You have not mentioned if your DVD ROM is writing properly or not. If it is not, I shall surely suggest you to go in a manufacturer’s service Centre for repair or replacement and buy a new DVD writer if your manufacturer’s warranty is over.

Have a nice day.

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Why My DVD ROM behave Mysteriously??


Hi Nelson,

  • Try replacing the IDE or SATA cable of your DVD and also change the power cable. Use the other free power cables.
  • Then try again your DVD ROM, if the DVD ROM still not opens after pressing the eject button, follow these steps:
  • Press start menu > Settings > and then Control Panel.
  • Double click the System icon in the Control Panel.
  • When the System Properties dialog box appear click the Device Manager tab.
  • In Device Manager, double click the CD-Rom category.
  • Double click again your DVD-ROM.
  • In the DVD-ROM properties dialog box, click setting tab.
  • On the setting tab, clear the Auto insertion notification check box, and
  • Click ok.
  • Then close the dialog box.

Now check again your DVD ROM.

Hope this will help.


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Why My DVD ROM behave Mysteriously??


You can solve your problem by following these steps.

You can use a needle to eject your DVD tray from drive. The Needle you have to use is in the DVD drive where a small hole is present in your drive, when ever you push a button, also apply this needle to get your tray. It will come out but i know this is not the right way. So once you done have this, try to apply some fluid to your DVD and try the contacts that will interface with the DVD eject method.

Secondly if you are getting problems in your DVD read, then you can use a cleanup disk to clean your DVD drive. It will clean your drive hardware and make it error free. This DVD is just used for cleaning the interface of the drive and once you apply it, you can easily clean your DVD .One such DVD cleaner is also available here Click this. It will also solve your problem.

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Why My DVD ROM behave Mysteriously??


If you are unable to eject the CD, try pushing it on the tiny hole in front of the player with a pin. This is to manually eject the disk. And also, if the disk could not be read, check if you have an updated driver for your optical drive. Try the disk on another computer if it will work without issues. Open the optical drive and ensure that there are no dust inside it. Clean it with a microfiber cloth if you find some. Just be careful not to damage the lens. You can also use lens cleaner. Just insert it on your optical drive and then let it run.

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