Why does Internet Connection Faltering?

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We downgraded the Internet speed by getting a cheaper plan from our Internet Service Provider.  After that, whenever we access or attempt to access the Internet, the Internet connection just stops. To resolve the problem, we reboot our computers.  We are running Dell Inspiring 1520 for our Windows XP computer and Dell Inspiring N7010 for Windows 7 on the Wireless Local Area Network. Sometimes it works, but most of the times, it doesn’t. So we begin using the power-cycling of the cable modem apart from the router. It works fine but this causes additional work for us. I just want to ask for any ideas why is the Internet connection faltering and what to do with that without using the power cycling.

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Why does Internet Connection Faltering?


Hello Hillary,

The obvious reason why the internet is faltering now is due to downgrading. If there are many users on the network and then you shifted to another service provider who offers a less package of bundles, then it is obvious that the network will slow down if all users on the network use the network at the same time. The reason to this is because the few bundles are shared among the individuals and therefore slowing down internet access per user.

To be on the safe side, you should advice the users of the network to avoid downloading applications or files that may take a lot of bandwidth and movies ao as to find some joy in using the internet on the network.


Mahesh Babu

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