Why Apple Mac screen always flickers or go black during startup?

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Hi guys,

Why my apple mac screen keep flickering or goes black during start up it happens almost every time I open it.I don’t know what went wrong why this problem occurs and the screen goes completely black sometimes is it hardware related problem or due to much space usage in it.Please help me fix this its really annoying.

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Why Apple Mac screen always flickers or go black during startup?


I don’t think it has something to do with the startup programs. In Windows PC, it is normal for the computer monitor to turn completely black during startup or when the computer boots up. The hardware responsible for this is your graphics accelerator and not your monitor. What the monitor only does is to display the images being sent by the video card.

Normally, when the computer boots up, the monitor turns black for a couple of seconds. The duration of the blackening of the screen takes only around 1 to 2 seconds. It’s only like refreshing of the device before displaying the succeeding images. After that, the computer starts and operates normally. If your computer’s screen turns black for a very long time during startup, better check your monitor.

If you have a second monitor or a separate monitor that you can use, try it to see if there’s a difference. Replace the monitor if the second monitor works normal.

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