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Who created the simsimi application? In creating such application, what software are you going to use? Please help. Thanks! 

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Dear Thalia,

 Simsimi is a chat program that was first developed in Korea. It acts like a robot. Simsimi application was created by ISMaker. It is an artificial intelligence web based conversation program. It was developed in 2002. This application involved the use of software like graphics software, the sound, and also the video software. This software was used to give the application the features that it possesses for instance the animation and the sound, together with the chatting properties. Moreover, this application allows the user to control it. This is achieved when the user gives it instructions on what to do.

Hope this was helpful!

Thank you

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SimSimi is pronounced as shim-shimi. It is an artificial intelligence conversation program that became popular some time ago. This was created by ISMaker in 2002 and is designed for the iOS and Android Smartphones. If you don’t want to install it on your handset you can also access it from the web by visiting Chatting Robot SimSimi™. Its web version has a talk interface where you can chat with the robot directly from your computer.

Although it became popular in most countries, it received protests and generates controversies when it hit Thailand because of its vulgarity in its responses and some criticisms on important politicians. Because users are allowed to teach the robot of proper responses, its artificial intelligence is growing every day. The word SimSimi was derived from the Korean word simsim which means bored.

Sharath Reddy

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Fantastic guys, thanks for your inspiring tips. Sharath, I am curious about SimSimi application which is a kind of chat program. I have limited knowledge about this application but by studying your comment, I saw that it was an excellent advanced chatting robot that makes funny conversation to engage with the user. I also obtained unknown and unexampled knowledge which inspired me to download this software. After downloading this, I was astonished that it was the cutest software! I said “I like you” and he told me “I like you even more”! It was so awful! Thought he was so cute. It is a very funny application because you are chatting like a normal person. This would be my past time if I don’t have any task to do. Thanks Sharath, for your fascinating comment as well as Techyv too for publishing this nice post.