Volume just increases at will

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Ever since I installed ubuntu 14.04, my master volume is just increasing by a number of ticks. This process recurs but it is not at regular intervals. I have tried checking if it is related to any other activity e.g keystrokes or even the mouse but it is not. At times it may stay high at times and then returns itself to a lower level after some time. I only listen to music via Youtube and Rhythmbox. What could be the issue with this computer?


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Volume just increases at will


Good day Mr. Maverick!

Some reasons of volume just increases at will are listed below.

If you are using internal speakers here are the causes and ways to fix it.

1. Internal devices in computers and laptops are cause of internal or software malfunctions. It is either the driver is outdated or corrupted. Before doing this make sure that you have a back-up copy of the software that you are going to uninstall or else you might not be able to restore the settings of that device and will not hear anything from your computer.

2. Viruses could cause this problem. If your computer is infected and or not, better to have an anti-virus software.

3. A defective sound cards. Uninstall and re-install the software. Download the latest updates for the software.

If you are using external speakers here are ways to fix it.

1. All external speakers do have “spin-throttle.” Pull it out and a cleaning-agent spray will do the rest.

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