Which version should I use?

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A friend wants to give me a microsoft office installer as a thank you gift. He's asking me whether I want a 32bit version or a 64 bit. how would I know which would work best for my computer? and what would happen if I got the wrong version?

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Which version should I use?


Hey User the thing is very easy and simple to get solved as you can easily know the bit version that is specifically needed for your operating system. Just select My Computer and go to Properties and check your devices details there will be an option of the type of an operating system whether 32 or 64 bit. The important thing is to be noted that if you install wrong bit version of which you had then there might be a chance missing the important files due to the bit version of your operating system.

So, it's better to check your system configuration of bit type and better to access that only to get better performance on your operating system.

Thank You.

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Which version should I use?


At first you have ensure that 64 or 32-bit you are using.

I think the Microsoft website said this – that the 32 bit version is more than likely much more stable at this point in time.

Here I'm giving some tips for you.

There are two types of Microsoft office. 64-bit Ms office and 32-bit Ms office.


i) 64-bit Ms office is the best for 64-bit operating system. But it's not fair for the 32-bit operating system.

ii) 32-bit Ms office is the best for 32-bit operating system. 

Here are more tips.

i) Applications built with the 64-bit version of Office 2010 can reference larger address spaces, and therefore provide the opportunity to use more physical memory than ever, potentially reducing the overhead spent moving data in and out of physical memory.

ii) Native 64-bit processes in Office 2010 cannot load 32-bit binaries. This is expected to be a common issue when you have existing Microsoft ActiveX controls and existing add-ins,VBA previously did not have a pointer data type and because of this, developers used 32-bit variables to store pointers and handles. These variables now truncate 64-bit values returned by API calls when using declare statements.

If you choose the wrong Office than it will not support to your system or it won't run properly.

So, You see 64-Bit Ms office is more good then 32-bit Ms office. But you have to ensure which operating system you are using.



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