How do I map Lpt port printer powershell?

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How can I manually map LPT port printer Powershell using Remote Desktop Connection?  I'm trying to print an application from DOS to my printer.  I'm on Windows XP 64 bit sp3 and Windows Server 2008 R2 print server.  All options are grayed-out.  Thanks.

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How do I map Lpt port printer powershell?


You may notice that when PowerShell is updated to version 3.0, help feature isn’t ship in the box. PowerShell includes a new kind of feature and mostly an updateable help system that allows you to guarantee this help on your local computer to stay up-to-date. PowerShell is part and parcel of every working system and every working system becomes updated only by service packs.

When latest help files become available, the updateable help system and its cmdlets ensures makes it easier to downloading and installing help file. You have to use update-help cmdlet to download and install help files for the first time. Update-help run through step-by-step in your system to get the latest version while executed and determines which modules are appropriate to maintain help.

The helpinfoUri contains the location in the internet, where you can find each modules gathered its updateable helping files. And it also compares the newest help files with each module local help that is offered for every module. You have to download the new files and unwrap the help file package to confirm that the file is valid and then install the help files in the language-specific subdirectory surrounded by module directory.

PowerShell helps files allow you to update once every day. The update-help cmdlet doesn’t generate any output, which is set by default. So you have to specify the force switch to override this behaviour. It shows a progress bar, which prints some instruction about current module updates

Thank you.

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