Which is more preferred Linux system or windows?

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I would like to hear your opinion if it is better for business and consumer PC users to use Linux operating systems rather than Windows and Star Office.

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Which is more preferred Linux system or windows?


There is 1 key difference between the two Operating systems in terms of business point of view.

Linux based systems have more security protocols and are more secure to any kind of threat as compared to windows bases systems.

Now there are a lot of other features too that you might to look into while making a decision whether to go for the linux or stick with the windows.

windows has better software compatibility. Means every software is first designed for windows. You will not see every huge software working on linux too.

Linux plays an important role in business due to its immense compatibility with database softwares. Those companies which has huge databases or maintain a good amount of data in a database software tend to use linux as their Operating system.

So in a nutshell, if you really want an OS for your business, linux is for you but on the other hand windows might also be a good choice if you can ignore the facts i just told you above.

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